Marc, thanks.  I was under the assumption that talk is the global community
- as it is the most generic in the list, unlike talk-us and
talk-us-newyork. Does it meany that any global proposal would require
talking to hundreds of communities independently, making it impossible to
coordinate, because comments in one community would not be visible to other
communities? Is there any kind of ambassadorial program?  Also, does it
mean that talk-us doesn't decide anything because there is a

In this specific case, adding wikidata seemed like a long overdue task,
something that is already happening automatically by the unmonitored iD

Btw, I looked at the descriptions at

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 11:14 PM, Marc Gemis <> wrote:

> > moving it here.  I believe I acted in good faith according to the
> mechanical
> > edit policy - discussed with the community, and proceeded.
> I believe the mechanical edit polity demands that you discuss with the
> *local* community. That means if your edit modifies items in e.g.
> Mexico, Belgium and Japan, you have to discuss your edit with the
> communities in Mexico, Belgium and Japan. This might also mean that
> you have to discuss it via Telegram, Facebook, email, IRC, etc.
> depending on where that local community is.
> The talk mailing list is not sufficient.
> regards
> m.
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