> What will inevitably happen if you automatically add wikidata tags is
> that existing errors in either OSM (in form of incorrect wikipedia
> tags) or in wikidata (in form of incorrect connections to wikipedia
> articles) will get duplicated.

Christoph, a valid point. Yet the duplicate would allow finding many of
these errors, rather than leaving wp-only to go bad due to changing nature
of the WP articles. As for sameness argument - lets try to work on them on
a case-by-case basis. The vast majority of concepts are "good enough" - if
a park is tagged with the wikidata id for that park, and someone extends it
to add a few more trees, its not a big problem. If that edit combines two
parks into one, eventually it would get fixed, with two parks being
created.  And no, we won't be able to solve every edge case, but we will
solve it for the vast majority of them. After all, a map is an
approximation of the real world, not a perfect replica.
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