On 23/02/18 11:58, François Lacombe wrote:
    If some rivers/streams shouldn't be connected, then some data consumers
    will have to do an automatic connection anyway. When measuring water run
    off and pollution, you probably want to know that "stuff going into
    stream X will eventually get to point Y downstream" (right?).

I don't get this, which situation do you think of when you say " If some rivers/streams shouldn't be connected " ?

If OSM takes a "all rivers must be connected through lakes", then data consumers have a simple job. If OSM says "some will and some won't", then data consumers have to process the data to add intra-lake connections. If they have to do it some of the time, why bother connecting *any* rivers?

I think I'll change to not connecting rivers, unless it's very obvious, and leaving data consumers to connect rivers themselves.

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