thanks Roland, this extract provides a lot of objects (highway, water, natural, 
landuse, etc.) that were clipped to power lines. We could even add low voltage 
power lines that are clipped to high voltage power lines.

I will play with JOSM Search to isolate the nodes that need to be unclipped.

    Le mardi 6 mars 2018 23:30:50 HNE, Roland Olbricht <> 
a écrit :  

 > Various topological errors related to power lines are not detected by
 > OSM editors. Monitoring the High Voltage power network for Quebec I
 > often find nodes connecting crossing waterbody, highways, landuse to the
 > power lines.

FWIW, you can find them with a query like

If you want to only get highways, there is still enough to do:

For practical work in JOSM, you can get power lines and the connected 
objects: paste

out meta;

and choose a meaningful bounding box. Please do not do other things than 
disconnecting, because you cannot see to what the other objects are 
connected. But for disconnecting, this should be fine.

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