On 3/31/2018 5:25 AM, Bryan Housel wrote:
a `.geojson` file to describe where the region where it is active.  (multiple resources can share a .geojson file)

I'm having trouble figuring out what a sensible region is for the meetups in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest.

Our meetups are along the coast, but I don't believe there are any other meetups for a few hundred km as you go inland. Closer to home, I'd consider Chilliwack part of our region in many ways, but it's 100km from there to our normal meeting place. This makes it too far to suggest, because it's a 90+ minute drive. Where would I cut it off?

Going up and down the coast, we have a different problem. Vancouver, South-Central Salish Sea, and Seattle all share a meetup organization, and have overlap in members. The boundaries here are fuzzy.

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