In Papua New Guinea there are villages without roads ... people there travel by 
foot, plane or boat!

The terrain is such that vehicle roads, even for bicycles, is impractical.

I don't have detailed knowledge of Africa to say if these villages could be 
real or not... but I would hesitate to delete them without that knowledge.
Possibly question the original mapper or a mapper active locally or
failing any of that producing results demote them to locality and await a 
mapper with on ground experience.

On 09/04/18 06:31, Frederik Ramm wrote:

On 04/08/2018 10:26 PM, Frederik Ramm wrote:
Not only that, someone has already picked them out:
Looking a bit more at the list, I wonder if we should maybe delete all
nodes that

* were imported before 2010 from GNS
* were never used since
* have a "fixme=no population estimate available, defaulted to village"
* and have no mapping in the vicinity

I have the impression that many of these nodes are stranded in the
wilderness between several, meanwhile-mapped, populated places, and the
danger of getting lost while trying to reach one of these places might
outweigh the advantage of having them.


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