Thank you, Jo. It was a typing error. It is definitively debris.

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On 11.04.18 08:27, Jo wrote:
derbies -> debris

Oleksiy's attention was drawn to that airport because of the tragic fatality. He noticed the tower was not mapped, so he mapped it.



2018-04-11 8:17 GMT+02:00 Milo van der Linden < <>>:

    Dear Armstrong, please be aware that Oleksiy is no native english
    speaker. In his culture and language that is probably not what he
    is saying.

    Kind regards,

    Milo van der Linden

    On April 11, 2018 3:21:17 AM GMT+02:00, "Jack Armstrong <>"
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        Are you saying you think an aviation accident could have been
        avoided if OSM data was better? I've been an air traffic
        controller for 38 years. Aviation hazards, such as towers at
        airports, are well charted on navigational charts and airport
        diagrams which pilots are required to use. A pilot would never
        use OSM as a means of avoiding ground hazards at an airport.
        Besides, this particular accident happened at 10:00 A.M. local
        time, meaning it was daylight. The vast majority of aviation
        accidents are the result of pilot error. If a helicopter pilot
        allows his rotor blades to collide with a clearly visible
        object, that is negligence on the captain's part.
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            today's tragic helicopter accident in Bavaria Good
            evening, There was an helicopter accident at the airport
            Flugplatz HaƟfurt-Schweinfurt. One man from the ground
            staff was killed by derbies when helicopter's propeller
            blades touched the control tower. On the news video [1]
            and on the aerial image of the airport [2] it is clearly
            visible that the tower building is not in the same row
            with other buildings, it is a bit outstanding. This tower
            was not mapped neither on the Google maps, nor on the OSM.
            I mapped it by now on the OSM:
            with the tag: tower:type=aircraft_control, which has got a
            nice map icon. In general, towers, not only
            aircraft_control, but also communication, and others, are
            well visible even from far away, and could serve as good
            landmarks. That is why it makes sense to map towers. [1]
            With best regards, Oleksiy
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