The OSM map is being used in a professional context on transportation. For example, very efficient Stockholm public transport system map: . I used this website myself while staying in Stockholm. I had to visit quite a few cities, but I never saw anything even remotely close by usefulness and efficiency to Stockholm public transport. Basically, one builds his/her life around this map over-there.

As for the military, I saw a documentary about a modern military system, and there was on display of this system unmistakeably the OSM map.

We tend to underestimate the technology available on our smartphones (including the OSM based maps). For example, I could find my lost smartphone even in another city in minutes, but some lost planes, helicopters, or RPAS are being searched for months or even years.

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I realize that the OSM map is not used by airmen, at least not officially.

even less as this was not a hobbyist but a military helicopter


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