Hello Mateusz,

I am looking for an Android application that has bicycle-focused map style available offline.

I am looking for features like
- ability to distinguish road based on surface (=sand =dirt =asphalt should be easy to distinguish)
- oneway arrows displayed based also on oneway:bicycle, cycleway=opposite,
cycleway=opposite_lane tags, not only oneway tag
- displaying bicycle routes
- displaying detailed info about ferries across rivers (at least fee, opening_hours,
seasonal and description tags)

I am not expecting that application like this exists and I checked

You can use libosmscout (http://libosmscout.sourceforge.net/), which is a C++ framework/library for writing application using rendering, location lookup, routing, which should allow you to do most of the above.

Challenge: C++ under Android can be tricky, if you not use Qt (which is supported) and it is a framework, so you have to write your own application based on the libosmscout APIs around it.


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