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Recently, in Nepal we have been getting more and more requests from government and private schools to be able to upload more information about their schools to OSM. These in particular include detailed data such as number of boys in grade 1, number of girls in grade 5 and number of permanent staff etc. This data is nationally collected every year by schools and are seen as valuable in letting schools, communities and districts know where there are failing girls in the education ladder or to just understanding general diversity in schools.

The 'capacity' key is widely used for schools and kindergarten facilities, for the whole object, thus it indicates the size.

I would not encourage annual statistics about number of pupils in each grade in OSM. This can be overlaid from separate databases.

I was initially planning on posting this in the Nepal talk list but decided that this might be something other countries might be interested in as well hence sharing it here. Current, tags that I have found are more generic such as isced:levels=* and grades=*. Do you suggest that we propose tags specifically to Nepal or do you even think data such as this should be in OSM?

isced:levels=*  is internationally valid and widely accepted.
grades=* was recently pushed by an individual Canadian mapper and is controversial since it is heterogeneous in meaning between countries, and even within the same country different counting is used (e.g. starting to count grade 1 again for the secondary school).


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