I am looking for an application for Android displaying amenity=drinking_water 
locations with available offline map - I am frequently using it to avoid buying 
plastic bottles 
just to almost immediately throw it out.

Any simple open source map displaying locations of some objects 
would also be great - it should be fairly simple to adapt.

I know that there is a search function in MAPS.ME allowing to find drinking 
I am currently using it but this app has long startup time and search is really 
slow for some reason (even for cases that should be easy to index).

I found https://github.com/icechen1/TakeABreak/blob/master/README.md 
<https://github.com/icechen1/TakeABreak/blob/master/README.md> - 
but it is not displaying any locations and Google maps used as a map display 
on top of that licence seems to be missing so it is useless as a base for 

There is a great "OSM peak finder" app, 
 - but source code is not available.
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