On 2020-02-12 10:28, Colin Smale wrote:
> Where a boundary coincides with the centre line of
> a road for example, and there is a discrepancy in OSM between the
> locations of the two, there should be a recognition that the
> professionally surveyed locations are more likely to be correct

I disagree.

What you are requesting here is that we blindly defer to authorities. "I
cannot verify this - but a professional surveyor with his $10k equipment
claims it is so - hence I guess I have to believe it."

I think this is not how OpenStreetMap should be operating. I can see how
to a professional surveyor the idea must be painful that someone comes
along with their rubbish equipment and makes a change, but we *are* a
project of hobbyists and volunteers, and something that a hobbyist and
volunteer cannot verify ("don't touch this unless you invest $10k in
equipment first!!!") should not be in OSM, and we should not worship
precision that we cannot create ourselves.


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