Colin doesn’t seem to be advocating for deference to and worship of authorities 
in all situations. That’s an over the top interpretation. 
It’s maybe better to say that it’s something to consider when evaluating data — 
as we always look at a mappers context in OSM when looking at edits and 
Side point
>  we *are* a project of hobbyists and volunteers
and professionals. And students and researchers. And anyone else who wants to 
participate in an open map. Been that way since the beginning.
Let’s not cut ourselves short in comparison to “professional” tools. Many of 
the software tools we’ve developed as a community are leading the industry. 


On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 4:42 AM, Frederik Ramm <> 


On 2020-02-12 10:28, Colin Smale wrote:
> Where a boundary coincides with the centre line of
> a road for example, and there is a discrepancy in OSM between the
> locations of the two, there should be a recognition that the
> professionally surveyed locations are more likely to be correct

I disagree.

What you are requesting here is that we blindly defer to authorities. "I
cannot verify this - but a professional surveyor with his $10k equipment
claims it is so - hence I guess I have to believe it."

I think this is not how OpenStreetMap should be operating. I can see how
to a professional surveyor the idea must be painful that someone comes
along with their rubbish equipment and makes a change, but we *are* a
project of hobbyists and volunteers, and something that a hobbyist and
volunteer cannot verify ("don't touch this unless you invest $10k in
equipment first!!!") should not be in OSM, and we should not worship
precision that we cannot create ourselves.


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