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Thanks for taking care of our feedback. In Senegal and Mali, Openstreetmap has a long history of low quality buildings produced in massive quantities by humanitarian actors. Cleaning up after them is considerable work, which is never handled by the responsible parties.

Please ensure that your project is registered at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Organised_Editing/Activities and has its own page, as mandated bu the Organised Editing Guidelines.

You may also want to reconsider the workflow: the existence of superposed almost-duplicate buildings shows that the existing data may not be correctly taken into account or even downloaded beforehand.

Also, you mention "We will work on the wrongfully mapped/tagged buildings when we start validating what has been mapped so far" and that is part of the problem: do not let contributors upload a changeset if the JOSM validator shows errors or warnings - especially about obvious errors such as superposition. Separating production from quality assurance is certain to produce low quality: quality as an afterthought is ineffectual - quality must be integral to the process.

To drive that point home, I recommend letting your mappers spend a few hours fixing errors on Osmose (osmose.openstreetmap.fr). Osmose patrols will let them understand the sort of problems we face after them and maybe the quality of their work will increase, if they are not driven by quantitative metrics...

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> Hi Jean_Marc,
> Thanks for reaching out. Yes, these users are part of one of our malaria mapping teams who started enumerating in Senegal this week. There are 6 mSpray enumerators (4,8,13,15,16,17). We are only mapping what we perceive to be residential structures after getting local context from our in-country partners to inform this. Sincere apologies if this has caused a problem. We will work on the wrongfully mapped/tagged buildings when we start validating what has been mapped so far.
> Our lead GIS officer is currently on leave so he will post the activity on the wiki page when he returns on Tuesday next week (26th May).

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