larrynla wrote:

A lot of stuff.

Bravo and thank you.  

[rant] If we are not messing with other dancers or the line of dance, etc., 
what is wrong if we express our feelings as we wish through our dance?  Is 
Tango an art form or is it merely a stilted, codified and over prescribed set 
of step patterns, as bad as the worst excesses that one might find in the 
ballroom world?  Does it diminish you to let me dance tango as I wish?  I think 
that it is the self appointed "purists" who fail to dance tango, and should 
rename their dance to "Codified Tango."  Larry and Rod both made the point that 
the by the time the second tango dancer hit the floor, tango had become "Nuevo" 
and it has remained so ever since.
If you would like to copyright the term 'Tango', you are welcome to try.  In 
the meantime, the word, and the dance, belongs to the world. [/rant]


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