Last year we presented the aforementioned I-D at the 6man meeting, an it
was suggested to us that we should bring (or at least socialize) our I-D
in this group.

Our I-D essentially tries to analyze a number of implications (security,
privacy, interoperability) when different types of IPv6 addresses
{scope, valid lifetime} are employed.

Two comments:

* The I-D could be expanded to cover IPv4 addresses to --- the current
version doesn't, since we were aiming it at 6man.

* Originally, we were planning to have this I-D elaborate both on the
problem statement and on possible advice (hence the filename). But at
least for the time being, we decided to better focus on the problem
statement first.

Any comments will be very appreciated -- including whether the topic
itself might be of interest to this group.


Best regards,
Fernando Gont
SI6 Networks
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