After yesterday my Windows Pro 64 bit was updated to 
Version 1803 (Build 17134.48) and my computer had rebooted,
The Bat (Professional Edition Version (BETA) (64-bit)
does not work properly anymore.
No other program was updated.
My security program (AVG Internet Security - Total Protection) did 
not change, The Bat is there still listed as 'trustable'....

Not properly means ... no connection with the server and, since the 
Windows upgrade,  The Bat does not start each time at system-startup
(although listed in the startup programs) and already several times after
trying to get/send mail by hand, TB simply closes and I have to restart it.
Below the last entry of the thebat64_Exceptions.log.
Any help to get it working again is highly appreciated.

(This message was written with TB-Voyager at my tablet, which is not 
updated yet).

Kind regards,

Date: 17 May 2018 08:33:05
OS: Windows 10  X64 (AMD or Intel) build 17134
PhysMemFreeTotal: 0000013382/0000016327 MB
VirtMemFreeTotal: 0134213215/0134217727 MB
MAPI #0: Windows Live Hotmail [Hotmail]; Path: C:\Program Files\Internet 
Explorer\hmmapi.dll (valid)
MAPI #1:  [Software]; Path:  (not valid)
MAPI #2: The Bat! [The Bat!]; Path: C:\Program Files\THE BAT!\tbmapi32.dll (not 
MAPI #3: The Bat! Simple MAPI 32-bit [The Bat! Simple MAPI 32-bit]; Path: 
C:\Program Files\THE BAT!\tbmapi32.dll (not valid)
MAPI #4: The Bat! Simple MAPI 64-bit [The Bat! Simple MAPI 64-bit]; Path: 
C:\Program Files\THE BAT!\tbmapi64.dll (valid)
MAPI #5:  [Windows Mail]; Path:  (not valid)
Default Profile: 
Address: 00007FF9DD260040
ClassName: EAccessViolation
Message: Access violation at address 00007FF9DD260040. Read of address 
IsOSException: 1
 00007FF9DD260000 ? ?
 0000000000400000 20180408213524 C:\Program Files\The Bat!\thebat64.exe
 00007FF9DD260040 [00007FF9DD260000]
 0000000000532780 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000532780 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000412B1A [0000000000400000]
 0000000000410768 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000B38293 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000B38372 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000532780 [0000000000400000]
 0000000000412B1A [0000000000400000]

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