M> Any  idea  why  I  have not received Maxim's message? I have looked in
M> Gmail's spam folder and it is not there.

Could  it  be  that  you  are  one  of  the recipients affected by the
addressing  issues that we tried to combat with the change to the list

Max's  messages include a DKIM signature, which effectively marks list
traffic  as  spam,  since the sending domain fails to match the domain
certified in the DKIM signature.

Hmmmm....  this  makes  me think that if we can get the list server to
strip   the   DKIM   header,  the  issue  would  be  resolved  without
compromising the configuration of the list...

Cheers -- Marck D Pearlstone -- List moderator and fellow end user
TB! v8.5.8.3 (ALPHA) on Windows 10.0.17134 

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