Hello Gleason,

>>>> In the menu bar the "Search" field is to big so the bar of
>>>> AntiSpamSniper can't be inserted.

G>>> In my testing, the search field is not the problem.  I always remove
G>>> it anyway.  It persistently returns and I remove it again.

>> In that case, could you have a look at
>> https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1818
>> and confirm if this also applies to you?

G> I was going to insert a pic of the tool bar customizer, but I see that TB
G> will no longer allow me to do that.  Attached.  It is missing part of
G> the display.  It will let me stretch the height, but not the width.  I
G> don't see a way to change my tool bar setup, so I can't test your bug
G> report.

You are right, the width is fixed; at my setup, too. Didn't realize
However you can still change toolbars by dragging an icon from the
commands column of the customizer onto the desired toolbar.

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