Hello Maxim,

>> All the skins are gone. The ribbon UI is gone.
>> The EXE is only 35 MB compared to the previous 55.

>> Is that an intentional step back from the ribbon

MMvT> We will first release a version with toolbar functionality
MMvT> similar to what was in previous versions, but the new code
MMvT> (TB2K/SpTBX -> DevExpress) and after the release will take care
MMvT> of the ribbons. They need complete overhaul, not just mimic the main menu.

OK, I see.
In that case I need to point out a distinct performance issue to you,
that was not present in

Mail related actions (like switch to another mail in message list via
keyboard or mouse or change to a different folder) take close to one second
to complete. During this time the icons of the toolbar are heavily

This seems not tbuser.or userdef.xml related: This also happens when I
rename both files before starting The Bat!.

Best regards,
Using The Bat! Version (ALPHA) (32-bit) Pro on
Windows 10 (Build 18362) (64-bit) without OTFE

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