Hello Viktor,

Monday, October 28, 2019, 6:02:24 PM, you wrote:

> I'm utterly sorry, I have no idea how I managed to end up with an 8.8.9 
> version after seemingly having unpacked the last RAR downloaded from the 
> links above. Really no idea.
> Still, that version reported as 8.8.9, so somehow an old binary must have 
> sneaked in :(

If you had an old The Bat! version running in the background (like 8.8.9) and 
run a new version like, the version that you run will just bring 
upfront that version that was already running.

So, please do the following steps:
1) Check in the task manager that no thebat .exe processes are running;
2) right-click on thebat .exe after you have unpacked it and in the Windows 
Explorer, of file properties window, select "Version" and "Digita" signature 
tabs. So you should see the verion and the digital singature timestamp 
of 28 October 2019 for this version.

Did it help!?

Best regards,
Maxim Masiutin

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