Hello MAU,

>>>> [-] (#0001857) On exit errors: Access violation in
>>>> TMsgListHolder.Destroy; EConvertError "'MsgCtl.mReplyStraight' is
>>>> not a valid integer value" (ALPHA issue)
>>> May have to wait a couple of days to fully verify.
>> I  have  started and exited TB a number of times since yesterday and,
>> so far, no error sound at all.
> Sorry, I spoke too early. I just exited TB and: heard the error sound,
> no error dialog and TB restarted by itself.
> I  will upload thebat64_Exceptions.log to BT. Time tag of the error is
> 06 Nov 2019 11:50:52

Actually  it happened 3 times in a row. 1st and 2nd with a restart and
3rd one with no restart.

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Miguel A. Urech (Els Poblets (Alicante - Spain)
Using The Bat! Version (ALPHA) (64-bit) on Windows 10.0 

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