Title: Re: The Bat! 9.0.6 MSI files: Toolbar positioning not holding when TB is restarted
Hello Richard,

On Fri, 29 Nov 2019 10:50:06 -0500 GMT (29-Nov-19, 22:50 +0700 GMT),
Richard Newman via TBBETA wrote:

Hello Jerry,

>> Toolbar positioning not holding when TB is restarted.
EJM> Confirmed.
And today it loaded just as it was supposed to.

I can half confirm: I set one toolbar (Quicksearch) to not showing, but it suddenly showed again upon restart.

I moved one toolbar from a second line to be at the end of the first line, so that I have only one line of toolbars, and it is still there upon restart.

Remark: It wasd trikcy to move it there. It seemed to want to be in a line above or below the other toolbars, it took me quite some patience and several tries to make it "click" into the one line.



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