Hello Marck,

Sunday, May 10, 2020, 6:35:01 PM, you wrote:

> TBBETA has a 75kb limit and TBUDL 25kb.
> I suggest 150 for TBBETA and 100 for TBUDL. Thoughts?

250Kb for both? We are talking overall message size, body + headers. 
I see some peoples GPG-signing their messages as well.

> I  will  take  back  control 

Are you in UK by any chance? Because there was a precedent recently.. :)

> (where have I heard that before?) of maintenance for this number.


AS>> * Consider merging TDUDL/TBBETA into one.
> That's  a  very large "NO". There are 2 distinct audiences - those who
> test  new  features  and  those who want help with the current release
> version as end users.

Noted, OK.

AS>> * Move mailing lists homepage to a separate domain.
> I don't know what this means...

Its homepage is currently on the separate URL of www.silverstones.com.
I was thinking of adding some visibility and (hopefully!) attracting new
people by moving it to a second-level domain, for example:
* tbli.st
* tbl.ist
* tblist.com
* ...

In general, I am concerned about TB future as RitLabs seem to be in a 
stable decline during the last decade and I see little initiative from 
their side to improve the situation.

> I  enabled  HTTPS  back in January. If anybody else wants to take this
> over from me, go ahead - I will redirect.

https://www.silverstones.com/ returns self-signed certificate.
Could you upload archive of the currently available information?

> ... we have done this multiple times in the 20+ years that we have run
> these  lists.  The last massive move was to GMANE. They collapsed. Any
> suggestions  as  to  where  we  should try next (and have our archives
> dumped into the void when they go down too)?

Self-hosted Mailman (https://list.org) is a de-facto standard. We can push 
archives to GitHub and archive.org for historical preservation.

AS>> * Collate available TheBat! documentation / FAQs / Tips.
> That's  something  I did very enthusiastically back at the start. They
> have  not  been  maintained  and  over  the years have become somewhat
> dated.

Due to the lack of official WIKI... Shall we create un-official one?
There is an active German TheBat! forum, some members might be willing 
to help us.


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