On my "Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz" I get the following message:

SHA1 benchmark
This CPU does not support SHA instructions.
1500000 data blocks of 1024 bytes took 1.6252 seconds
to process by SHA1 (software); 901.3555 Megabytes per second


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Subject: Does your CPU support hardware SHA1 acceleration?
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Hello Tbbeta,

Does your CPU support Intel SHA extensions? These are instructions introduced 
on Intel Goldmont microarchitecture. AMD added support in their processors for 
these instructions starting with Ryzen. There are seven new SSE-based 
instructions, four supporting SHA-1 and three for SHA-256.

You can run The Bat! with /SHA1_BENCHMARK command-line parameter to figure out 
whether your CPU supports SHA1 acceleration instructions, for example:

thebat64.exe /SHA1_BENCHMARK

On my computer, running The Bat! as above gives the following results:

SHA1 benchmark
1500000 data blocks of 1024 bytes took 1.3579 seconds to process by SHA1 using 
CPU instructions (hardware), 1078.7605 Megabytes per second; 2.1496 seconds to 
process by software implementation, 681.4596 Megabytes per second

Could you please post your results here? Thank you in advance.

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