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Wednesday, May 20, 2020, 9:21:52 PM, you wrote:

> At my PC I also saw that with data blocks etc,, but considered it
> (being a rooky at that field) as unimportant and so I only took the
> first sentence.

OK, I was starting another instance of TheBat! with the 1st instance 
running in background. As the result, 2nd one was silently crashing 
without producing any output at all.

If you are still reading this topic (which I kind of doubt given the
lack of replies from you), here is the output:

> This CPU does not support SHA instructions. 1500000 data blocks of
> 1024 bytes took 2.2180 seconds to process by SHA1 (software); 660.4376
> Megabytes per second


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