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The Bat! v9.4 MSI are now available:


What's new in The Bat! v9.4 since v9.3.4 released on April 26, 2021?

[!] New HTML Editor
[!] Snooze function for MailTicker messages
[+] Automatic message format switch from plain text to HTML when a style is 
used or a picture is inserted 
[+] New option to edit HTML code in the editor in the “Utilities -> Edit HTML 
source code” menu
[+] New HTML Table properties dialog
[+] The "Reset position" button in the settings of MailTicker
[+] Explicit option to export messages using UTF-8 in the Sorting Office
[+] New option "Display HTML-related message parts as attachments" for the 
message viewer
[+] %CHARSET="...." macro for text message export in the Sorting Office
[+] %Replace( pattern, replaceWith, text ) macro to automatically replace all 
occurrences of <pattern> with <replaceWith> in the <text>
[+] %ReplaceRegExp( patternRegExp, replaceWith, text [, subPattNo] ) macro to 
automatically replace all occurrences matching with <patternRegExp> with 
<replaceWith> in the <text> <subPattNo> is an optional parameter specifying the 
exact subpattern to be replaced
[+] %REGEXP( pattern, sample, subPatternNo ) macro for simplified substitution 
on %SetPattRegexp=...%RegexpBlindMatch=...%SubPatt=... combination
[+] (#000825) %SOURCE or %SOURCE=Charset macro to include original message 
source (using optional character set) into the text
[*] The focus now moves to the first occurrence when using the “Find” command 
in the HTML viewer
[*] The "Message -> Test filters" command is available again in the message 
list popup menu
[*] The "Change protocol" button is removed from the account settings
[*] The quoted text in sent HTML-messages is now stored within blockquote tags 
in the source code
[*] UTF-8 is now the default character set for text message export filter action
[*] Files with .MSG and .EML extensions are now treated as message/RFC822 
ignoring declared MIME type
[*] "Insert Smiley" is replaced by "Insert Emoji"
[-] Draft flag was not set when a non-draft message was open from the "Outbox" 
[-] Quick reply's "Send" button was active without a text ready to be sent
[-] Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcuts could not be used from Quick 
Reply until first editor's  popup menu appearance
[-] Unexpected search box was sometimes visible in an attached message viewer
[-] Text in the "About" window was not displayed under some themes
[-] Closing the app while a picture viewer was open caused Access Violation 
[-] (#002118) Access Violation errors when a message was printed by a filter 
action were fixed
[-] Loading of HTML was optimized to prevent eventual viewer crashes 

Sure enough, there are some problems in the new HTML editor not resolved during 
this Beta cycle, but they are not considered as show stoppers and generally the 
new editor finally looks like a better replacement of the old one. So, we will 
continue collect feedback on the new editor and of course will keep on fixing 
problems and make improvements.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,
Stefan Tanurkov

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