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>> Ok, How to clear formatting now? Clear format in the styles too not works.

> It works, but again - in a new manner. It clears styles that were applied 
> after initial class assignment. You can check it out in the new HTML code 
> editor (press F9 while editing an HTML message). Stefan

Am I and all of not IT-users needs now to manually find all instances "class=" 
from both sides of text and delete manually? 
This is madness! Ok, I can look into code and delete from left and right: 
font-size, font-style, p, < > / etc/etc/etc. 
But what you want to say to 99% of the users who's can't or don't want to know 
any code? 
Please return "clear format" feature ASAP, please return features to applying 
and setting a styles. If you can't return all the styles features soon then can 
I ask you a button in the panel that will clears all the formatting things from 
a selected text? 

Best Regards, George Salnik
RitLabs Russian Forum Moderator

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