Hello Adrian, Peter and Miroslav,

On Sat, 14 Aug 2021 16:34:41 +0200 GMT (14-Aug-21, 21:34 +0700 GMT),
Miroslav Florensen wrote:

>> I have exactly the same problem and asked for assistance 7 days
>> ago with no answer ...

> 19 days earlier...

> ยป msgid:487014050.20210728075...@gmx.de
> https://www.mail-archive.com/tbbeta@thebat.dutaint.com/msg115063.html

I cannot reproduce that, as I get the botton on the right of the email's header 

Please check Tools / Image Download Manager / Rules / Download Mode.

Here it is set to Explicitely Allowed. I just tried for the fun of it to set it 
to Manually, and then the Image Download Manager disappered from the email 

By the way, I don't think it should disappear. If the user choosen to manually 
download, he should be given the botton to do that.



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