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> Howdy!

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>> Howdy!

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>>> Howdy!

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>>>> Hello All,

>>>> Version is now available:

>>> I do have few google calendars in one gmail account and shows few of them 
>>> and not my main calendar*. Where am I can re-sync calendar with gmail to 
>>> see all of my calendars? 

>>> * I do see that calendar in TB! list of calendars but not shows any of the 
>>> events!

>> I do change name of that calendar, it changes (not from first time from 
>> re-login to windows) but it still not shows events from that calendar in TB! 
>> And I don't see any sync button in TB calendar settings.

> I do fear to lose some events with raw TB gmail sync where am I stop access 
> to my gmail calendar now? Will wait another build of TB. 

> I can do new event in gmail calendar (on site) on calenadar that shows to me 
> and it shows then in TB. But when I do event in TB in this calendar it not 
> shows in gmail calendar in the browser. 
It shows after sometime in the browser. This is big delay. Needs to have 
immediate sync of new event as windows calendar do for example. Even if you 
can't do this now, give us sync button.

And I wait from you a news why I don't see events from one/few of my calendars 

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