> Вы писали 19 мая 2023 г., 11:07:12:

>> On 18/05/2023 09:58, Георгий, Белрус wrote:
>>>     [-] The "Access Violation" and "A component named FolderEditor
>>>     already exists" error messages on opening folder properties have
>>>     been fixed
>>> - I do have installed 3-3-3-16 two days already, it's better than > 
>>> previous. But I still have it access violation error many time in a day

>> I am completely locked out of TB. Every update that has come since 
>> runs for about 3 days but always grinds to a halt, has to be terminated with 
>> Taskman and it won't work again. It just hangs trying to draw the main 
>> window.

Today's access vioalation errors drive me nuts. I do again revert my TB! to 

Best Regards, George Salnik
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