Hello Tbbeta,


  This is a replacement of the EXE file, not the installer.

  This version is the first version of Voyager that doesn't write to Registry 
at all.

  What's new since Voyager

[*] smartpad added into the tray popup menu
[-] Newly created templates were not accessible right away
[*] adding gray and mono glyphs started 
[-] Some fixes to encoding automatically generated text parts
[+] Extended drag-and-drop functionality: it is now possible to drag messages 
as files system-wide, bring drop target window in front by dragging over 
taskbar buttons, import messages from .EML and .MSG files, etc. 
[-] The Bat! didn't start in OTFE mode; gave "Unregistered" error and then an 
"Access Violation"
[-] (Beta) some fixes to the new drag-and-drop functionality
[-] Fixes to Tray menu handing
[-] (#0006931) Clicking tray icon when the main window was active did not hide 
the main window
[-] Fixed a problem in S/MIME internal implementation: some S/MIME signatures 
gave "Failed to parse PKCS#7 data object"
[-] Path to sound file to play in filters was not relative, this was an issue 
in Voyager and when restoring The Bat! to a new location
[-] Path to auto-backup file was not relative (Voyager issue)
[*] The Bat! key import from new formats of .PEM private keys
[-] When importing S/MIME private keys with certificates in S/MIME internal 
implementation, The Bat! now supports all algorithms of PKCS#5 v1.5 format for 
private key file.
[-] Hunspell user dictionary can be displayed with incorrect code page
[-] (beta) various QT Editor issues
[-] (Beta) AV error at startup when Large Fonts are used
[-] Decrypt filter action didn't work
[-] (#0007051) Drag-and-drop into the Template Preview was not functioning
[+] The Bat! can import private keys from PEM encryption format. Such keys have 
the following headers: "Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED", "DEK-Info...."
[-] (#0007064) FOLDER (F) parameter does not work anymore in /MAIL command 
[-] Some S/MIME certificates might give "The revocation status of the 
certificate or one of the certificates in the certificate chain is unknown" 
error, The Bat! could not pass over.
[*] When viewing a certificate, The Bat! can now explicitly state that a 
certificate conforms to to Polish act on electronic signature of 18 September, 
2001 (Journal of Laws 2001 , vol.  130, item 1450)
[-] Read confirmations were stored in the wrong folder (Beta issue)
[-] Fixed some memory leaks in S/MIME internal implementation
[*] Quick Templates are now stored in new format that supports UNICODE properly
[-] Fixed an AV that might happen when simultaneously checking multiple 
accounts with TLS
[-] (#0007073) Attachments were open twice
[-] (#0006593) Some menu commands and buttons got disabled after viewing 
messages using a preview pane tab
[+] Spell Checker > Check from cursor
[*] Expired certificates are now not stored to the newly created Root CA 
address book.
[-] (#0007020) the "Create Formatted Message" filter action was not using the 
"Mark as Read" and the attachment options
[-] (#0006963) Dragging and dropping text files onto HTML editor resulted in 
pasting contents of those files instead of attaching the files
[-] (#0007101) (Beta) AV Error when closing the QT Editor after creating a new 
[-] (#0007090) (Beta) Editor's command "Create a Quick Template" was using old 
[-] (#0006917) Character set problems when a message was saved into the Outbox 
and reopened 
[*] (#0007058) More flexible handling of invalid base64 encoding
[-] Vairous issues related to multiple monitors usage
[-] (#0006756) Sorting Office: Filter was not saved correctly if another 
account was selected after editing the filter
[-] more fixes to window positining on dual monitor systems
[-] S/MIME decryption in Internal Implementation didn't work
[-] Fixed a memory leak
[-] (#0006850) Missing topic ID for "Viewer/Editor profiles" section in 
[-] (#0007083) QT editor : entries "No change" are not translatable in Options 
tab in Preview dialog 
[-] Fixed some memory leaks
[-] (Beta) Various problems with common Quick Templates
[-] (#0007084) QT editor : Untranslatable context menu in "Name" and "Handle" 
[+] glyphs for text align added
[-] (#0007075) If a computer's name had underscore character, The Bat! could 
send it as an argument to HELO command in SMTP which could cause some servers 
give an error "Syntactically invalid HELO argument(s)"
[*] Updated Czech welcome message
[-] (Beta) Problems with editing filters
[*] Better Free Caret positioning
[-] (#0007127) (Beta) Access Violation error when a new QT was added
[-] (#0007118) MicroEd: Usage of subpatterns when replacing text using RegExp 
was broken
[-] (#0007128) /EXPORT and /IMPORT commands were not working for Address Book 
(LDIF) properly
[-] (Beta) adding a QT to an account without any QTs defined caused AV
[-] (Beta) setting a message's colour group to "none" was not possible 
[*] Message View and Message Header PopUp menus reworked
[-] Zahid didn't compile
[-] Increased token (iKey, eToken) poll attempt count from 2 to 3 before 
closing The Bat! windows.
[*] Users might find some SMTP/POP3 tasks in in Connection Center hanging; 
deleting them didn't produce a result. These hanging tasks might have been 
caused by unhandled errors (exceptions). Now such errors are being logged in 
the account log.
[-] (#0007142) (Beta) Newly created Quick Templates were duplicated
[-] (#0007133) (Beta) It was not possible to view message source when message 
auto-view was off
[-] (#0007148) (Beta) Quick Templates created for new accounts were not loaded 
after restart
[-] (#0007138) It was not possible to set the destination folder in the "Create 
formatted message" action
[+] Options to flag and park created message in the "Create formatted message" 
[-] (#0007160) (Beta) Common Templates were not accessible from the %QInclude 
[*] (#0007088) Addreess Picker dialogue now displays/hides items in the exactly 
the same way as in the Address Book. For more convenience, the [All Items] 
choice is added
[*] Preferences/ General and Applications page layout fixed
[*] Preferences/ MessageList Date/Time Format page layout fixed
[*] Glyphs for logDown, logUp, RasLogReceive, RasLogSend icons fixed
[-] The Bat! could give Access Violation when training an anti-spam plugin and 
no folder were selected.
[*] many Preferences pages layouts fixed
[*] (view source) added into message preview popup
[*] undo/redo buttons added into Editor Toolbar
[-] (#0007165) Access Violation when deleting Group in Network & Administration 
[-] Message list font invalid in the global preferences dialog (BETA issue)
[-] There were errors in the ex_log.txt (BETA issue)
[*] Better date/time preview in the Preferences dialog.
[*] Preferences fixed
[*] Mail Chat commented from menus for this release
[*] message browser menu layout rearranged
[*] search prev/next in quick search
[*] Preferences for MailTicker! 
[*] Rearranged the preview of date/time format in the Preferences dialog.
[*] MailTicker Show control duplicated to Preferences / System 
[-] Color group names could be displayed improperly in the Preferences dialog.
[*] glyphs for trash and add filter changed
[*] "about" improved
[*] Editor Toolbar splitted into Standart, Edit and Search
[*] main menus slightly rearranged
[*] Icon for Quick Templates added into the main menu
[*] Security Toolbar added into Message Editor
[+] (#0003519) The Bat! now imports Mozilla's "read", "replied", "forwarded", 
"deleted" and "marked" flags from Unix mailboxes.
[!] New format in the Import Wizard: Mozilla's Thunderbird. 
[-] Cosmetic: fixed two black vertical lines in the "set password" window
[-] AV when switching Windows themes
[-] (#0007145) "Persistent selection" and "Overwrite selection" options were 
not used in the new MicroEd
[-] (#0007158) Undo/Redo buttons in the message editor did not reflect actuall 
possibility to perform the operations
[-] (#0007026) User group contents was not stored correctly when the OK button 
was pressed (in the Network and Administration dialgue)
[-] Message flags weren't imported from Mozilla's Thunderbird (BETA issue)
[-] some cosmetic fixes
[*] (beta) main window's menu rearranged 
[*] glyphs for trash, copy, cut icons changed
[*] Since this version, the option to use the "X-Mailer" header is turned OFF, 
even if you had it ON in a previous version of The Bat! You can go to the 
Options/Preferences and turn it ON again, but we don't recommend it.
[*] glyphs for trash icon replaced
[*] icons added into address book/quick search popup menu
[-] There were temp files left after importing messages from other mail clients.
[-] (#0007187) Using MS Exchange (MAPI) messages stay on the outbox without 
being sent  
[-] (#0005795) Import option of 'Run external action' filter action broken 
[-] (#0006167) Voyager is adding redundant lines to global.ini 
[*] glyphs for trash in folder tree replaced
[*] icons fixed for address book quicksearch popup and memo popup menus
[-] (#0007194) Folder|Check for viruses command was disabled until a new 
anti-virus plug-in was added 
[*] (#0006632) Folders with all messages read should not change their position 
in the list of the unread Folders tab [before moving to the next folder]
[-] (#0007197) Wrong editor type indication when Plain text (Windows) default 
editor type was selected
[*] (Beta) more cosmetic fixes on Unread Folders Tab and positioning selection 
in the Folders Tree
[*] Glyphs for Trash updated, 
[*] glyphs for new contact, delete contact, add group, View Address History

Best regards,
Maxim Masiutin                         
Ritlabs SRL

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