Hello, Alexey.

SVM>> And  is exists any other way to retrieve amount of incoming traffic? (I
SVM>> need  to  calculate  sizes  of  attaches,  headers,  text parts  and
SVM>> attaches).

ANV> Why? Just get the raw message - and you'll receive the whole size of a message.

:) I can use native functions in GetSpamScore

    Hdr:=GetData(MsgID,mpidMessageHeader,nil,-1);  //Header size
    Ttl:=GetData(MsgID,mpidRawMessage,nil,-1);     //Raw size
    Txt:=GetData(MsgID,mpidMessageBody,nil,-1);    //Text size
    Att:=Ttl-Txt-Hdr;                              //Attach size

That's  faster  than  manual  calculations.  But  how  can i calculate
OUTGOING traffic?!

PS  I  want to calculate total amount of incoming and outgount traffic
to  create  the  diagrams.  I  have no ideas how to calculate outgoing
traffic,  and  if  i  using incoming one, my plugin is recongnizing as
"SPAM  protection"  plugin while it is not. Users are confused. :) But
it  is  works.  BTW,  i  suppose  that  it is the way to get mail from
password-protected accounts.

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