Hello, Stanislav.

You wrote 21.02.2004 @ 19:10 
  using mailer 

SVM> Hello, Alexey.

SVM> :) I can use native functions in GetSpamScore

SVM>     Ttl:=GetData(MsgID,mpidRawMessage,nil,-1);     //Raw size

If you want to calculate the incoming traffic, mpidRawMessage is enough.

SVM> That's  faster  than  manual  calculations.  But  how  can i calculate
SVM> OUTGOING traffic?!

I think - by making an SMTP proxy...

SVM> PS  I  want to calculate total amount of incoming and outgount traffic
SVM> to  create  the  diagrams.  I  have no ideas how to calculate outgoing
SVM> traffic,  and  if  i  using incoming one, my plugin is recongnizing as
SVM> "SPAM  protection"  plugin while it is not. Users are confused. :) But
SVM> it  is  works.  BTW,  i  suppose  that  it is the way to get mail from
SVM> password-protected accounts.

This is the current state. If you plugin realizes TBP_GetSpamScore, it is
automatically classified as "anti-spam". If it works with "TBP_ExecuteMacro", it
will be "macro". I think, since the CP-API works this way, you can make some
text for TBP_GetInfo which will tell that it is not true "anti-spam".

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