Hello all,

We do not have a list rule that addresses the use of mail/spam
blocking software (like Mail Inspector) on the lists, and I don't
believe we're going to create one. This is primarily a hope to inform,
and to have this available in the list archives so that people might
see it and understand.

Software like Mail Inspector holds mail from new people until they
respond to a message it sends (like I quoted below.) If you fail to
respond to its request, you'll pretty much end up in their bozo bin
(depending on the software) from then on out.

My personal opinion on the matter is that this is one of the worst
forms of spam protection out there because it requires anyone who
wants to talk to you to have to satisfy the software that they are not
a spammer. It's one thing when you only communicate with family and
friends, but another altogether when you join lists. I do *not*
respond to these requests when they come over a mailing list, and I do
not believe I am the minority. This means that anyone who chooses as I
do, you (the person using similar spam software mentioned) will never
see any posts or replies from us.

If you have a way of disabling the software on a particular address
(such as that for a list), I highly suggest you do it.

,------ [ What it looks like ]
| To whom it may concern,
| you have attempted to contact 'someone's e-mail address' regarding
| 'Mod: Bad language (was: Fwd: Authorisation Required Please - RE: Re:
| Problem with 2.04.4 and UMC' on date: 'Wed, 25 Feb 2004
| 13:19:54 -0700'.
| This individual is protecting their email account with the anti-spam
| application 'Mail Inspector'.
| The very fact that you are reading this message implies that you are
| not a spammer but in order to validate this we ask that you reply to
| this email with a subject that includes this authorisation key:
| AUTH-YFcxTFsD3Jp4twU2FHnO#
| Once authorised, you will no longer see this message and emailing this
| person will return to normal.
| Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Leif (TB list moderator and fellow end user).

Using The Bat! 2.04.4 under Windows 2000 5.0
Build 2195 Service Pack 3 on a Pentium 4 2GHz with 512MB


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