Hello, Achim.

AW> i want to include something like a progress bar into my antispam
AW> filter. To do that i need the count of messages the user want to scan.
AW> so there are two possibilities to do that.

Even if you don't make any resource-greedy work during such "mark as" action,
this action takes quite long time - because every processed letter is stored by
The Bat! into temporary file and only then TBP_FeedSpam called (it seems that it
works in one-thread). So, if you will only "scan" the number of messages, it
might not take a less time then if you will process them immediately.

I went here another way - progress bar is not only possible way to show that the
process doesn't stuck - you can simple show the number of already processed
letters - and it does not require to know the final number of letters which will
be processed (only user can know it!).

I've realized such way at my BayesIt 0.4 gm SE7
(http://www.ritlabs.com/download/bayesit/bayesit04gmse7.rar ), and it seems that
it works.

Using TB 2.05 Beta/12 on WinXP Pro SP1 (2600), spelling by ORFO2002 (CSAPI) 
..with Kaspersky Antivirus Plugin (ver 3.5 Gold) & antispam filter BayesIt! 0.4gmSE7



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