Hello, tbdev.

There is a line in rules:

| Set up a filter for incoming mail which looks for Strings Location
| Presence Reply-to:.*TBDEV@   Kludges         Yes Options: Regular
| expressions (Checked).

I just noted that Prezes has the address begins with "tbdev@"... so, all private
mail from him is filtered as "tbdev" list. Also, anybody can occupy the address
tbdev@ at any free mail servers - and so, according to rule's recomendation, all
such letters will be filtered as list's ones.

Of course I've changed the signal line for filter to "Reply-to:[EMAIL PROTECTED]",
but I suggest to change recommended line in rules also - because for novices it
is much easier to just copy recommended line than to make own rule.

P.S. 2Prezes: I can't send you the answer to your letter "Suggestion about
BayesIt!", because my mail server says:

     ->> 554 <mx7.yandex.ru>: Helo command rejected: Spam20040211AY

Using TB 2.05 Beta/12 on WinXP Pro SP1 (2600), spelling by ORFO2002 (CSAPI) 
..with Kaspersky Antivirus Plugin (ver 3.5 Gold) & antispam filter BayesIt! 0.4gmSE7



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