Hello Martin,

Well, I searched high and low and just couldn't find a trout worthy
of the moderators, so I decided to make one myself.

I promised Martin the first Moderator Trout Smiley whether he deserved
it or not, although I'm sure he's done something bad recently so it's
probably all good.

So here you go Martin.... You are the first to be trouted with the
Moderator Trout. Smell the love! <grin>

P.S. I even turned off the X-No-Archive, so it'll be in the historical
archives forever.

You can find the trout in the latest PCWsmileys ZIP at:



Note: This moderator's interjection is a note to all readers and not
just to the person being replied to, even if their post may have
instigated this reply. You *should* definitely feel singled out

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Thank you.

:Leif_Gregory: (TB list moderator and fellow end user).

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