Hi All

 I developed new The Bat! plugin to insert and display X-Face header.

 It  is  available  for download from http://natserwis.pl/~szumi page.
 The page is in polish, but usage of this plugin is very very easy.

 Plugin adds two macros:

 %SetXFace("Path\to\48x48x1\bmp_file\with\your_face.bmp")  - to insert
 header.  This  macro  requires X-Face header. You should add it using
 "Options/Preferences.../Message Headers/Add Button".


 %DisplayXFace  -  (without  parameters)  to  display  image of X-Face
 header.  IMHO  the  best  place for this macro is filter with enabled
 "save  to file" option, %DisplayXFace macro in save template and with
 defined keyboard shortcut.

Best Regards, Jacek Szumigaj
The Bat! 2.11/Windows 98 4.10


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