Hello, tbtech.

I am seeking for the short (or - "shortest") which causes these errors. It is
necessary for non-destructive translation of them.

Could you, please, help me? Here is the list of PCRE errors I need to find (all
of them have been taken from internal The Bat! pcre using disassembler)

unrecognized character follows \
POSIX collating elements are not supported
invalid escape sequence in character class
internal error: unexpected repeat
this version of PCRE is not compiled with PCRE_UTF8 support
erroffset passed as NULL
unknown option bit(s) set
missing ) after comment
(?p must be followed by )
unrecognized character after (?<
unrecognized character after (?
too many sets of parentheses
regular expression too large
failed to get memory
internal error: code overflow

Here is the couple of examples I expect (the expressions are taken in

"(" - causes "missing )",
"[" - causes "missing terminating ] for character class",
"(?(?=)a|a|a)" - causes "conditional group contains more than two branches"

Sincerely, Alexey.
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