there is a new bugfixed and now hopefully stable version of the Bayes
Filter Plugin available. I hope you will enjoy it.

- Added: time information (log file)
- Added: DNS server check
- Added: decoding of encoded "from" headerfields
- Added: check if the spam filtering is activated in The Bat!
- Improved: speed optimizations in some main loops
- Improved: more logging information (verbose and non verbose mode)
- Bugfix: some mails with encoded content could produce an exception
- Bugfix: DNS request cache was to aggressive
- Bugfix: strange DNS error messages in the log file
- Bugfix: some bugs within mailparser
- Bugfix: verbose logging was some times very very slow
- Bugfix: the macro text gets doubled if you use it twice

Your can download the setup file from my homepage or you can use the
update function of the plugin.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
  Achim Winkler (mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] | http://www.lkcc.org/achim)


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