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Saturday, June 18, 2005, 10:52:37 AM, you wrote:

AP> Hello!

AP> Colleagues. Now I'm definitely sure that I would not continue my work
AP> on MyGate any more. So I'm currently looking for a volunteer who'd
AP> like to actively develop and promote it further.

AP> Source codes of next alpha-(not-really-working) version are available
AP> in Delphi 6 (maybe compatible with ver. 7 as well). A huge to-do list
AP> is attached :)

AP> Conditions of use:

AP>   1. My name and url should be specified as an author of original
AP>   programme :)

AP>   2. Programme should remain freeware, or we shall discuss any
AP>   commercial use of MyGate in private mailing at once.

AP>   3. You are really willing to develop MyGate further, and are able to
AP>   work on it regarding your personal circumstances. I just don't want
AP>   it to die again as it did 1.5 a year ago, as programme is still very
AP>   popular (TB still doesn't have nntp support).

AP> You are welcome with your comments in this list or with your
AP> proposals, if you are interested, in direct email. I would be happy,
AP> if anyone with whom we spoke on this subject before, would respond :)

I've never been able to tell you this but I'm shure many would say it:
Thank you very much for this excellent little program!

Best regards,
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