Colleagues. Now I'm definitely sure that I would not continue my work
on MyGate any more. So I'm currently looking for a volunteer who'd
like to actively develop and promote it further.

Source codes of next alpha-(not-really-working) version are available
in Delphi 6 (maybe compatible with ver. 7 as well). A huge to-do list
is attached :)

Conditions of use:

  1. My name and url should be specified as an author of original
  programme :)

  2. Programme should remain freeware, or we shall discuss any
  commercial use of MyGate in private mailing at once.

  3. You are really willing to develop MyGate further, and are able to
  work on it regarding your personal circumstances. I just don't want
  it to die again as it did 1.5 a year ago, as programme is still very
  popular (TB still doesn't have nntp support).

You are welcome with your comments in this list or with your
proposals, if you are interested, in direct email. I would be happy,
if anyone with whom we spoke on this subject before, would respond :)

Kiev, Ukraine


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