Mark - and anyone else who may be interested -

I'm delighted to say that I've got over the problem of misreading the batch
file into the Out folder as follows:

My programme now opens 'The Bat!' automatically, THEN creates 'thebat.ipc'
with the command lines in it.  This works every time - no hiccups whatever.

The fact still remains that I can't open the Bat and get it to read my
Batch file properly from the Windows run prompt.  Neither can I get over
the problem by creating 'thebat.ipc' and then running 'The Bat!' - it
hardly ever reads in all the data.  Luckily, however, I don't need to do
either now - the first method is easier than either of these, with the
additional advantage that it actually works..

I don't know whether this problem is peculiar to me, but perhaps this may
save someone some time and trouble in future.  I wonder if The Bat software
people are aware of it?



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