I have now registered my copy of The Bat! Professional (under Win XP Pro)
and am trying to read messages with attachments into the OUT folder.  I am
using a batch file to do this with the Run command:

"C:\Program Files\The Bat!\TheBat.EXE" /BATCH:\amn\pom\thebat.BAT

This is easier than using 'thebat.ipc' and it sometimes works, but it
usually gives an error message, e.g.

'Access violation at address 858 D0087, Read of address 858 D0087' 

(the references vary)

It then reads in some, but not all, of the outgoing messages.  The number
it reads varies widely, even with the same batch file.  I'm emptying the
Out and Trash folders each time, but it doesn't help.  Results are also
unpredictable using 'thebat.ipc' instead of the Run command line.

The most puzzling aspect is why it should sometimes work and sometimes
(nearly always) not with the same batch file.

Any suggestions please?

Julian Hall.


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