Hello Tbtech,

  There were many problems reported about THEBAT.IPC file.

  Let me remind what is THEBAT.IPC

  The Bat! uses THEBAT.IPC file (located in the same directory with thebat.exe, 
e.g. C:\Program Files\The Bat!) for interprocess communication. For example, 
when you run a second copy of The Bat! with a particular command line 
parameter, e.g. mailto:someemail, the second copy passes this parameter to the 
first and exits, preventing two The Bat!s from running. 

  Writing to Program Files directory is deprecated under Windows NT-based 
operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, 
Windows NT Workstation etc.). 

  What do you think about using THEBAT.IPC under Windows Me, Windows 98, or 
Windows 95 only? Under Windows NT-based operating systems The Bat! will use 
named pipe "\\.\pipe\The Bat! 0 CmdLine", where 0 is the current session ID 
(i.e. 0 - first logged user, 1 - second logged user and so on). Under desktop 
operating system the ID is most probably 0, while under Terminal Servers it may 
vary depending on the number of simultaneously logged users.

  Do you like the idea of replacing the file to the named pipes?

Best regards,
Maxim Masiutin                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]


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