I went back to working on a plugin for my favorite email client, and
it is with some sadness that I must announce that plugin development
is no longer possible for TB.

The published API is now long out of date. API version 1.7 is what's
available for download, the the publish date on that is from 2005. The
sample code available for download on the ritlabs website is, to my
astonishment, a working code stub I wrote some four years ago. It, of
course, no longer compiles correctly with Visual Studio 2005. Nor with
Bloodshed Dev C++. I made the proper adjustments to allow it to
compile, but it no longer works with TB 3.98, quitting the client
after calling NeedConfig(). It does work properly with TB 2.12, but it
seems rather pointless to develop new plugins for a version no longer
in development.

Ritlabs: if you're listening here, I would appreciate your pulling my
sample code from your website - it reflects badly on me to have sample
code that doesn't compile, and when modified to compile doesn't run.

-Mark Wieder


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