Well, since things haven't changed, maybe it's time to revisit this:

I just built a new plugin. Works fine with TB 2.x. Gets into the 
initialization stage (through TB_Setup) with 3.x and then TB just exits. No 
error, no warning, no nothing. Obviously something has changed at the engine 
level, but the published api hasn't changed. I built with both Visual Studio 
2005 and Dev C++ with the same results.

I see the latest downloadable api is version 1.0 dated 10 Sept 2003, but 
version 1.7 was published to this list on 31 August 2005. And even that was 
two years ago. Maybe things could be brought up to date?

Is this list not the place for developer information? Let's see... the 
"mission statement" says "The  TBDEV  list  has  been  set  up  for  the 
purpose of discussing programming  issues  relating  to The Bat!, 
particularly issues that deal with writing plug-ins." Is there some other 
service I should be signing up for instead, since traffic on this list has 
essentially died out?

 Mark Wieder


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