Hello all,

Wow... What has it been? Nine, ten years? I've come to a time in my
life where I've decided that it's finally time to let go. I look back
to the beginning when I approached RITLabs for permission to create
these lists to where we are today. It's funny, how times have changed.
Back then, people just didn't create support lists out of the blue,
but tried to get buy in from the developers first.

I remember telling Stefan and Max that with just a few more macros I
could create a reasonable facsimile of a ListServ all running under
TB. I remember the first stumbling block being that they didn't want
me to use a usa.net address for the list because they wanted it to be
a multi-national list. I remember running excitedly out of the
computer room to tell my, then, wife that I had a new subscriber each
time someone new joined. I remember the day that I asked Marck and
Allie to join me in moderating hell, and then later bringing on Roelof
when Allie gave up moderating. I also remember when RITLabs announced
that our lists were to become the official TB support lists.

I feel a great sense of accomplishment in having participated in
building such a strong community. Of building friendships that
will last a lifetime. Of sticking to our guns that we were building
and managing one of the friendliest and useful lists out there. Ones
not rife with flamewars or spam, but built on the foundations of good
netiquette and people wanting to help other people.

In every parent's life there comes a time when they have to let go
and let their child find their own way. It is also time for me to
finally let go so I can move on with other things that interest me.
The last year or so I've been growing more and more distant from the
lists as I had less and less time to spend on them. Marck and Roelof
are awesome moderators and I know the lists are in good hands.

I'm officially hanging up my moderator hat and my list member
subscriptions to TBUDL, TBBETA, TBDEV and TBTECH. I do however, plan
on staying with TBOT because it's a fun list that I still get a chance
to pay attention to every once in a while.

Marck and I are working out the details of transferring all the TB
related stuff off my website to his server. There might be a few
hiccups, but finally, someone will be forced to look over some
horrendously bad code I wrote for Roguemoticons! <grin>

While I'll be around on TBOT and via PM, I'm still going to miss you

I couldn't have done this without each and everyone one of you.

And to RITLabs..... Thank you for giving me the opportunity so many
years ago. TheBat is a fantastic MUA. You all have done a wonderful
job. If you ever port it to Linux, look me up, I'll be glad to test
her out.

                          FORMER TBUDL/BETA/DEV/TECH Lists Moderator
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