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Wednesday, September 5, 2007, George M. Menegakis wrote:

> I concur. Development of freeware plugins faces imminent danger if developers
> have to pay. And there is more. Even if a developer choses to pay from his
> pocket, his plugin may uses a third party dll that is not signed! You see the
> problems? I don't think that use of "signed only plugins" worth it.

> But this problem could be solved easily. You could implement something like
> the signed windows driver, the user can select wether he trusts an unsigned
> plugin or not. Why don't follow this approach ?

this sounds OK for me, I am asking early because we can discuss it here. I
am not against certificates, but development of some useful plugins was
cancelled already and I do not see aby reason they should open development
to implement certificates and pay for them, if they provided them free of
charge. I see it from development's POV, even I am not developer ;-)



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